YATEK – Chief Technology Officer

We are looking for a new colleague to fill the position as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in Yatek. In short, we are looking for a person with broad technical understanding, but more importantly, a person who loves to experiment and wants to solve exciting technical problems.

Yatek is developing a multidirectional treadmill for navigation in Virtual Reality (VR). The treadmill enables the user to walk freely and naturally in all directions within a limitless virtual environment (VR) while remaining stationary within the physical (reality) environment.

As we are an early-stage start-up, initial responsibilities will include design work related to optimising the prototypes, as well as researching, testing and deciding on production materials and production/manufacturing of the treadmill. You will play a very central part in choosing which technical solutions to focus on, and making sure we are able to deliver on time, and on a limited budget. This means the position involves not only technical decisions, but critically the ability to think strategically about which direction to go with our technology.

We are looking for someone with a background in engineering and/or material science to supplement our team.

Key skills we are looking for:

  • Good technical understanding
  • A focus on rapid prototyping and testing
  • Good understanding of Design Thinking principles
  • Ability to learn and understand well the business we are in
  • A collaborator: you want to get the best out of people, and enjoy working with people
  • You know the value of the marathon: every day is an important step towards the much bigger goal
  • Good sense of strategy, enabling you to pursue the most promising ideas within the team

Key qualifications (but we are open to other profiles):

  • Experience with hands-on and rapid prototyping and development
  • Able to communicate well in English or Norwegian.

We can offer:

  • A friendly and strong academic working environment
  • The opportunity to be an important part of a start-up
  • Lots of experimentation and lots of play – It’s VR after all!

Our values:

  • We treat everyone – colleagues, suppliers, and customers – with respect
  • Every day we come in to work, we try to do things a little bit better than the day before
  • We are all responsible for creating the workplace we want to work at
  • The faster we learn the faster we succeed

If you think the job sounds interesting, please send us your application, even if all the points above do not apply to you, they likely won’t all apply to anyone!


Annelene Dahl

[email protected]


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