and are looking for communication and social media enthusiasts (Norwegian)

Check out our projects  and to see demonstrations of our technology.

Søknadsfrist / Application deadline: 31. 10. 2021

Applications are processed continuously and we will contact back asap everyone applying.

About us

We are a small team of 2 very experienced developers from Czechia:

Jan ( and Lukas We have spent thousands of hours working on a technology which technically allows our users to place anything on any map. In practice, that has several use cases (described below). We are ready to approach the market, reach out to the potential visitors and customers and start iterating with real use cases.

About our products

First, we have created Mapheim: a social media platform where travellers can mark their moments on the map. It is possible to create their posts using text, images, videos from Youtube, social posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. This allows you to visualise memories in a completely unique way, for example:

Second, we have created Our goal is to present Trondheim to the locals and new visitors in a new way. We have prepared selections of the most notable places you shall not miss. In addition to that, we made several drone shots all over Trondheim with interactive markers to truly present the vibe and depth of the city. So check out and the article they wrote about us in the news: 

Third, we have created a new technology for making interactive maps for businesses. You can check the demo on . This is a very exciting use case for maps for Zoos, theme parks, festivals, cities and more. We imagine that all these businesses can convert their static paper or PDF maps into our interactive technology, then they generate QR code and place it at the venue entrance. Visitors then just scan the QR code and get all the map and all the information they need for all the points of interests.

About you

Well, we really understand technology and can make a lot of features developed, but we need you as our communication and social media enthusiastic. It is great that you are a friendly, active and outgoing person.

We would like you to become an important part of our team and take over our communication channels either for one of the projects you like the most, or for all of them. We have already prepared some channels and strategies to guide you on this journey. We would especially like to be more integrated within Norwegian start-up and student society by creating new partnerships and cooperation and in general getting new users and customers involved. We want this to be really a community based project with a lot of integrated parties and collaborators. We hope that you can bring your own invention and ideas, and take us much further on the startup journey.

It would be great if you have business insights and can help us to construct business plans, get funding and attend competitions and accelerators.

About this position

This is a very open position, where the exact number of hours, type of work, focus and goals are to be discussed together. We are open to any type of contribution and collaboration. 

We offer:

  • Professional guidance of experienced developers
  • Finished products which can be used and marketed right away
  • Hands on approach with own areas of responsibility
  • Ownership of the startup
  • Delayed salary (once we get the funding)

Søk på stillingen / Apply to position:

If you are interested, please send your LinkedIn profile and/or CV to the email [email protected] . In the email, let us know what got you interested in our startup, why you want to join and how you can contribute. We will then reach back to you and arrange a meetup.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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