Product Developer – Enry

Enry is the energy to change things for the better. Founded back in 2018, Enry is led by the two seasoned entrepreneurs Lars Føleide and Lukas Krondorf. Our team of four people is ready to welcome the next generation of ruckus-makers.

General Info

Enry is a startup company (registered AS, 921229151) that has received TrønderEnergi-bidraget (TEB) and funding from Climate KIC, partook in the startup accelerator Angel Challenge and is constantly looking for the next amazing project. We work with cutting edge technology — both hardware and software.

Our employee and friend Ahmed puts working at Enry for over a year this way:

“I am amazed by how the Enry team is able to switch from fun and games to serious work mode in an instant”.

Open Position

Our hardware project aims to motivate people for physical activity, so we need a product developer for our vibration sensor table tennis augmentation! A background in sales and business development is one option. If you are an engineering student and love hardware or programming, you are welcome, too!

Since we love sports, so should you! Our goal is to motivate people. If that is your goal, or you yourself need some motivation to go for a run in the park, come join us.

We Are Offering

  • Real mentoring for young and ambitious people
  • Challenging and fun experiences at a real-life playground
  • Effortless combination with all kinds of studies at NTNU
  • Student-focused project work with weekly check-ins and deliverables
  • Ideal CV-food
  • Payment per work hour — part payout, part investment
  • Office access at Gründerbrakka, right on campus
  • Prepare for the job market and get recruited right off of campus

Contact us

Lars Føleide

[email protected]

+47 98 45 44 99

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