About Spark*

Spark* NTNU is a free mentoring service by and for students with a business idea. It is a free service for all students at NTNU were they can register their idea and get appointed a student mentor that will help them reach the next step to try to help bring the idea to life. The goal is not necessarily to make every idea become a registered company that the students can begin working in as full time employees after their finished education, but to introduce as many students as possible to the idea that this is possible.

All mentors and employees are students, and all mentors have real life startup experience. Therefore, they all have practical experience to help you along the way. All our employees are paid, so don’t be afraid to use their time and knowledge.

The main sponsor of Spark* is Aneo, together with NTNU and Engage (Center for excellent education – CEE). They provide both offices and salary to run the organization. Additionally, Spark* offers Aneobidraget, a support scheme where startups can apply for a contribution of up to 2500 euros.

As of 2020, Spark* NTNU has achieved great outcomes:

  • 450 student projects have been mentored
  • 300 000 euros has been given out in funding by the student projects provided by Aneo
  • Offices have been established in Bodø and Göteborg